A Text and An Email…Bam! New Direction

4 Sep

I got into a sorta conversation the other day, a conversation that was quick, actually it was just a few text messages and then later a grateful email to a completely different person.  Both, conversations revolved around Mr. H, that really was the only commonality between the two, yet they really made me think, reconsider certain things that I do.

Mr. H is an extraordinary child.  That being said he is still a child, even though he is uber intelligent, even though he is articulate.  I have always tried to give him balance, to find a way to feed his mind while still letting him be a child.  Both conversations have made me reevaluate this.  I have always believed that as a child he should interact and play with children his own age, his peers.  I am beginning to wonder if I am trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

Let me explain, Mr. H has a rough time with social skills, with interacting with his peers.  He is much more comfortable in an adult environment.  Lately, he has become seriously involved in social media.  I mean, really, really involved. I have encouraged this.  Why?  because my baby, my child that has never fit in has found his passion, when he talks about social media or interacts in public, he has confidence and he has PASSION!! That’s right, my almost eleven year old* has discovered his passion and it is a beautiful inspiring thing.

Back to the original text, ” I don’t believe in balance the way you do”. That was it. Yet, it struck a chord, it resonated with me as I realized that in my efforts to give Mr. H a balance that I thought he needed that maybe I was stifling his passion, that maybe he is where he belongs and maybe, just maybe since I have such a special child, that I need to think outside the box to parent him.  That maybe I should be let him traverse this path, instead of gently shoving him in the direction that I think he should take, perhaps I should let him guide me.

That leads to the email, an email to someone special and important.  This person, inspired my son, he is the one that sent him spiraling down this path.  How? To be honest, I am not sure.  I think it is because his passion is so deep and so very much evident in what he does that somehow he managed to reach my son.  He did what I had never been able to do, he inspired my child.  He gave my son the ability to belong somewhere, to fit in and forge his own path! I will be forever grateful to this person.

As a parent, I try to do always do the right thing with my children and I am always growing and becoming what I hope is a better parent.  I think that these seemingly random, completely, unrelated incidents have become a growing point for me.  I was forced to step back and reevaluate how I was parenting.  My role with Mr. H hasn’t changed instead I think it has become more clear.  I think that now, I must follow him, let his passion run and I think that perhaps he will be teaching me. Let him do what he sees the people that inspire him do.  So I thank my friends, even if they don’t realize the significance of what they have done, they have made me be a better parent.

* Mr. H’s birthday is Wednesday and he asked to go to the Placer Tweet Up!! So come join us and celebrate!!


Speak Out, Proclaim Your Love and Heart Boobies

31 Aug

I know this is kinda late, but I had to calm down a little bit and actually I was working on two other posts, one of them a trip to the zoo with Mr. H and a new friend.  I just couldn’t let this go, I had to say something. Say something again.

I was outraged a few weeks ago…and then again today.  It amazes me that high school administrators are discouraging their students from supporting a cause that they believe in, it horrifies me that they are punishing these students for standing up for their beliefs and it really makes me angry that there are even people who are turning into an issue of sex!!

That’s right, in case you haven’t heard, another local high school wants to ban the “I heart Boobies” bracelets and they want to give an on site suspension to a student who is refusing to stop wearing his.  Here is the News10 article make sure you read the comments as well.  ARGGHHHHH

Really, let’s punish the children that we have been teaching since kindergarten to stand up for themselves, let’s punish them for supporting something so serious that it kills, let’s punish a charity that is trying to educate our girls on the seriousness of this CANCER, this cancer that can attack at any age and doesn’t discriminate.

I have a teenage daughter, a young woman, that I am proud to say she wears her bracelet, not because it makes people giggle but because she understands, she knows that her money is going to educate, to research.  Currently, her high school hasn’t said anything to her about her bracelet.  I know that she is not the only wearing one.  I, also, know that she will not remove it if asked.  I know that she will call me, probably from the princibals office.  IF her school decides to jump on the bandwagon.  I am hoping that doesn’t happen.

Honestly, I am not sure that I understand what the hoopla is about, I haven’t seen a good reason for the schools to be in an uproar.  I have seen the concerns of inappropriateness.  To that I say, they are teenagers, I would more concerned if their weren’t a few of that aren’t inappropriate.  Yes, perhaps they are a distraction but only because they are currently a controversy.  This is not a new campaign, this is not something that just popped up.

I fully support the school, I appreciate the education that they provide for my children, but I can not support them in this.  Would you?

* Go purchase a bracelet or maybe a tee and proclaim your Heart!!

When Your Friday Attacks…Who Do You Call? The Twitterverse!!!

28 Aug

Yesterday, was Friday!! Normally, I love Fridays.  Fridays are me days, that is right, usually it is my day to do what I like, to catch up until the kids get home from school.  During the school year, it is my DAY!! Yesterday, it ATTACKED me!! Yup, started off ok, then it all exploded and not in a good way, in fact it was such a sucktastic thing that I just about melted-down.  I definitely freaked…then something amazing happened.

I am dealing with a crisis so beyond my scope of capabilities, right now! UGH!! hello, epic catastrophe! 1:34 PM Aug 27th via TweetDeck

I realize that wasn’t very clear or even said what was going on. Yet…within 2 minutes of that vague 140 character turn of words, my phone, my @ column and DM EXPLODED!! As I watched, tears threatening, I felt my community, my friends online surround me with well wishes and hugs! I even was told to get my Wonder Women gear out and kick booty!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much that meant, how just those few words uttered in less then 140 characters, helped.  I wasn’t shocked, I was a little surprised but not shocked.  This, this is what real time internet is, what it’s about.  No, I wasn’t in a major natural disaster or even releasing earth shattering news, yet, I was able to call out for support and immediately be surrounded.  That feeling of knowing that if I needed help, it was there, that feeling of knowing my friends got my back and that feeling that people who know me online have faith that I have the strength to handle what life dumped on my burdened shoulders with a the weight of an anvil.

This is what having a community, a tribe entails…whether it be good news, amazing things or even a sale at Anthropolgie.  No matter the reason your tweets, your facebook friends, that online community, that you have created will stand shoulder to shoulder, 140 characters at a time to help you!

Thank you, everyone for your support and wishes of good luck.  I can’t talk about what happened just yet, for one it’s not resolved, for two, it’s just too much.  I can guarantee though, that I will let y’all know and that I will conquer it! I know that I have my friends to support me no matter outcome!

Have you found your community?

The Braveness to Do Stuff or Moxie

27 Aug

A few days ago, as Mr. H and I were traversing the many miles that we must to get to school…he proudly announced that he has “moxie”!! I kind of chuckled and asked him what that was?  He confidently announced that meant he was smart, confident and had the braveness to do stuff.  The braveness to do stuff.  I like that.

The kids and I spend a lot of time in the car together, we have always have great car conversations.  They border on the ridiculous to the serious.  This one was funny and serious.  Funny and cute, my little boy was serious.  He wanted to have “moxie” he was nervous and needed my reassurance that he did indeed have “moxie”! He does.

Back when I was taking Early Childhood Education classes, a great teacher I had, told me that if you ask a child a yes/no question then that’s how they answer but if you ask a question that requires an actual answer, an answer that requires thought, it helps trigger the memory and they start a conversation.  Makes sense, right?

The conversation ran around how someone shows “moxie”.  He told me that it means you go say “Hi” to someone you don’t know, that you try for the slam dunk even if you aren’t sure that you can and you start a blog cause you have something to say!  I wasn’t really asking questions at this point just listening to how he made connections out loud to the thoughts swirling in his head.

After he got out of the car and ran his way into school.  I started the trek to my school.  I ran the conversation over in my head.  He thinks that I have “moxie”! Of course, he is 10 and thinks that I am the bestest Momma in the whole world.

I am not sure how or where he heard about “moxie”, I do know that it’s an amazing word, an amazing feeling.  It made me happy that he was making the connection to his own self awareness, his own self confidence and was able to articulate it.  He is able to relate actions to feelings and what it takes to execute those actions.  This is HUGE!! He struggles with the undefinable emotions, he needs concrete.  Somehow he was able to connect self-confidence and self-awareness with “moxie”.  He uses me as his baseline for all of these emotions, shadowing me, emulating my behaviour, my emotions.  It is a challenge for me to see my actions mirrored back at me, to see the good, bad and ugly coming from my baby.

That being said, I am glad that he sees “Moxie”. That he sees that I have the braveness to do stuff.

Does the world see your “Moxie”?

ROI~ Return on Inspiration~140 Characters

26 Aug

A few days ago, I took a roadtrip.  A roadtrip, specifically to see this man.  To hear him speak, to hear the other people that he had speaking.  I had been watching the “Twitter Chatter” on the 140Conf for a year.  Watching as the chatter grew, as his conference grew momentum.  As he traveled, town to city to another country.  Now, I was headed to hear, to learn and absorb.

I arrived, I quashed the butterflies that were threatening to rip apart my stomach and with my fav shoes on for luck, I tentatively entered the room.  I was early and people will milling around trying to get things ready.  There were people here that I wanted to hear speak, people I wanted to meet and I was curious as to how Jeff Pulver was going to present a conference on Real Time, The State of Now.

As people settled down, seats started to fill, netbooks, iPads and even a few laptops came out.  Me, I rocked it Old School, with notepad and pen! I find that easier for me, easier for me to process my info.  Funny, when I tweeted that out, I got a Me2 from someone in the crowd!

The first speaker was Chris Heuer (@chrisheuer).  I loved what he had to say, I furrowed my brow over some things and then I nodded and I thought to myself…Yes! “Power of Now”, be part of the community, awareness, self-identity.  I love that theme.

“Everyone has, not everyone does” Why? Not everyone believes

Either Jeff or Chris spoke before or after each speaker, tying it all together, performing introductions and just keeping things moving.  Every speaker was on a strict time limit and were limited to the amount of technology that they could use to illustrate their key point.  This made it interesting and fast paced.  It also, made for a lot of information to absorb.  Their were 27 different speakers, a few of the presentations were panels.  It was so much to absorb, so many things that made sense.  I am telling you that by 5, my brain was ready to explode!!

I have snippets of the conversation, snippets that resonated with me.

“A world that is always on. We now know more irrelevant things about people that we don’t care about” Jeff Pulver

“Geo-Revelence-Enhancing real-time interactions” Leor Stern Google & Othman Laraki Twitter

“Take a moment to own it(Inspiration).  One idea can change the world” Jeff Pulver

There were people that I wanted to meet…I only had the nerve to meet 2.  I know, silly.  The crowd was different from any other conference, their was a lot of milling around.  As usual, there was a lot of conversation outside, significant conversations!  I, myself, wandered in and out.  There was so much info to process, so many people sharing “Real Time” thoughts, ideas with us, that I was in awe.

I am going to ask you, my readers, to take a look at a couple of things,

First go check out Jeff Pulver, his 140Conf is currently on a Mid-West trek!

Second, Geeks Without Borders: Geeks working together and they are planning something really awe inspiring for

Third, AgChatFoundation from Jeff Fowle He wants to share stories, perspectives from farmers, growers and ranchers

There were so many wonderful people, ideas and such a varied community coming together to share a message.  I could go on for days, I will say this, I was surrounded by technology and innovation but more importantly it was real people sharing a real passion, in real time.

The Deet’s!!! Are You In?

25 Aug

I am soooooo excited!! Julie has been working her little heiny off, you see we both were loooking for a place to hold our first SacMoB event and Julie, well, she rocks and she got the bestest place EVAR!! So, now we are ready to announce “the deets” and to issue our formal invite to you, all our bloggy friends, yes, even you!!

We have been working behind the scenes, getting together all the things we want to chat about, working on the foundation of the community that we are building. I am pleased to say that we have some very cool things to share with you! (yes, please go ahead you can applaud now). We are working up an agenda filled with things that you want to know, provide you with value, trust and new friends.  I am hoping that we can show you how to engage in a different type of dialogue, find a new type of community.  We want to move the online interactions to real-time interrelationships!

All that being said, we want to laugh, talk and eat some yummy food with you!! What? Didn’t I mention that we would be feeding you? Ohhh, yup, y’all get to spend a nice couple of hours with us and we will feed you!! Pretty cool, rite? Also, we have some amazing surprises planned, things we want to share!!

No matter what type of blogger you are we would love to see you and this is your formal invite!! So, clicky on the linky( yes, I know that is lame but it’s my blog, so there) and let us know that you are going to join us.  We will be blogging more info as the day draws closer.  So, let me ask you this…What would you like to hear about?

SacMoB invites    http://www.eventbrite.com/event/814634594

Wanna see the original info on the SacMoB? Go here

Chaos in the City…No Organization Needed!

24 Aug

I have spent most of the day playing catch up with my real life, all the while, scenes from this weekend flashing through my mind. Catch phrases clutter my mind, sounds of traffic at 3 am and the cold damp fog still sends a shiver down my spine.  Confused? Sorry, I spent three days, absorbing, learning and relaxing.  I spent an entire day at the Moscone Center with an amazing high tech group of folks and Jeff Pulver for the 140Conf, then I had a day to myself and my final day, BloggyBootCamp with SitsGirls.

I was going to recap each day and then go from there, but I’m not, not really.  I just want to share with you at first, I love the city.  It’s smell, the people and just the general atmosphere of the whole town.  This part, this is me.

As I was driving up there or maybe down there, I can never remember which, further away from my stress, my worries and my kids…I could feel excitement bubbling up, saddness welling behind my eyes and the tiredness melting away.  I left early.  No traffic, just me zooming along!  I hit the Bay Bridge and this

Welcome to San Francisco

Yea, it was foggy and crowded!! I rolled the window down and just inhaled. There is no smell like, so fresh and oceany.  I also, realized that I only had heels or flip flops, for once in my life, I didn’t have any sneakers!  Somewhere, over the bridge and following my gps to the Moscone Center, it hit me.  I was alone, in the city, heading to a special weekend.  At that time, I didn’t realize how special it was going to be, how much I was going to grow, that I was going to have some realizations.

You see, not only, did I not plan this trip but I also, didn’t know why I was going.  I had no goals, I had no idea what I was going to get from either conference.  I knew I needed to be where I was going and that was enough.  People thought I was crazy, how did I know I was going to get value? What was I going to do? What if I couldn’t find a place to sleep?  In my head, I agreed with them.  In my heart, in my soul, I knew that I was going to be changed, be inspired and I was going to meet people that should be in my life.  Guess what? I found places to sleep both nights, I am inspired and the people that I met…

The people that I met, changed my life. They showed me a new passion, a new perspective and galvanized me to a new level.  I knew that I needed to push my boundaries, that I wanted to.  Don’t get me wrong, this was not something I realized til later. I didn’t realize that this was the direction that I needed to head, that this was the path that I needed to choose.  Also, being in a room, with all those people…FREAKED me out.  I was overwhelmed, I was panicked.  It was fantastic that I could be alone yet all around me was the cacophony of thousands of people rushing or meandering as was their choice.

I needed this, I just didn’t realize how bad.  How overwhelmed my life was and how much it was weighing me down until I stepped away from and put myself into places that I would never be.  My life is still overwhelmed.  I just have changed my perspective on it…I am not going to let life takeover instead I am going to take over my life!

Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig

21 Aug

Wow, oh Wow!!! I have no idea where to start, my head is so full, so full of new ideas, innovations and just so much.  Tonight, I need to process and revel in all the knowledge that I acquired over my three-day roadtripping.  It was amazing, it was thought provoking and it was freakin’ cold!!

I attended two conferences and had a me day!! Both conferences where amazing and so completely different.  Different from me and different in the message.  I’m going to chat about them each individually soon.  I have lots of great information from both to share.  I gathered so much and took away such value and passion, that I have to share.  The “me” day was just that, a day for me.  That day I will share, share my ramblings both on foot and in my mind.

The people who I met both days, blow my mind.  Ideas, quality and laughter.  I spent a lot of time in awe and I spent a lot of time watching from a corner, overwhelmed.  I know now why I needed, wanted to take this trip, I know now what I need to do, that I need to push myself, that I need to stretch and that holy glittery unicorns, did I need a break!!

I want to share all of this with and even the part where walking the streets of San Francisco in extremely high heels…

Not tonite though, tonite, I need to reflect, I need to sit in my quiet and luxuriate in all the fantaboulisticness that is in my head put there by the most intelligent, impressive people who I was lucky enough to listen to, to exchange ideas with and share laughter.

City by the Bay

Enshrouded in fog


19 Aug

Oh yea, I will be roadtrippin bright and early in the am.  The Creeper will be taking his first major road trip!! We are headed to San Francisco. The best part…we are going ALONE!!! Wait, what you don’t know the Creeper???

The Creeper

I have driven him lot of miles since I got him but never such a distance.  You see that wonderful City by the Bay is a few hours from here.  I would totally look it up and be all official and stuff but I am to tired from this.  I think that I am going south or east or something, yea, I’m directionally challenged.  Lucky for me I have GPS!!!

I have been planning and working on this trip for MONTHS!! I can’t just pick up and leave anymore.  There are arrangements to be made, the kids needs must be met before my own.  Not only are the kids front and foremost, there is the financial aspect of all of this.  It is challenging and there is a lot of negotiating.  Those are just normal things, throw in my circumstances lately and chaos doesn’t even begin to describe what I had to go through.  With this particular trip, I actually was prepared to cancel at 4:00 pm today.  Yup, that’s right, I was frustrated, tears were clogging my throat and I was ready to just be done.  This, this trip, was soooo important and I needed it, I wanted it so bad and all my work was going to be for naught.  Then, the stars aligned, a lucky rabbits’ foot was rubbed and my wish upon a star was granted!! Everything fell into place.

I have a pretty full itinerary while I am down there.  My first stop, the 140 Conf with Jeff Pulver.  I am sooooo excited!! You have no idea. Actually, I have no idea.  I like what Jeff is doing, I have being watching and seeing the chatter surrounding this conference.  Check it out!!  Then on Friday, I have a few hush-hush things to take care of and I am hoping to go HERE!! I have been dying to go to that particular museum since it opened.  I love love Disney.  Saturday. Saturday I will be way out of my comfort zone.  I am really nervous.  Why? I am going to Bloggy Boot Camp!! Sounds fun, right? It does sound fun.  I know the content and the value are going to be amazing!! The people are going to be all sparkly and shiny.  There will be people there that I have cried with over their writing, people who I have snot laughed with over an errant tweet.  People, that I want to meet and I am afraid that I will be unable to step over to say hi!!

Tonite, tonite, I am going to go pack and paint my nails and handle a few last-minute details.  Then at zero dark thirty, the Creeper and I are hitting the road.  Starbucks will be a stop somewhere.  Cross your fingers that I don’t get lost.

Done, Finis, The End!!

18 Aug

Wow!! I can’t believe that I actually writing post 24, that means I did.  I blogged 24 posts in 24 hours.  Omg, I am soooooo relieved that it’s over. So let’s review…

I signed up for Blogapalooza– 24 posts in 24 hours. I actually did 24 posts, real live actual posts.  Well, ok, I struggled with number 23. Actually, I started struggling after post 12. 

In the last 24 hours, I have talked about the kids, school, why I blog, why I don’t have music any longer, my love affairs and bewbs!! Those are actually just a few of my favs.  I begged for topics from friends, and they being wonderful friends came through.  Although, I question the sanity of a few of them.  Actually, I don’t coz that’s why we are friends for the insanity!!

Would I do this again? Probably not.  I felt rushed, harried and sometimes the post felt forced.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to be stretched and I like to dig deeper and to think and I had a lot of fun, but no not again.  My life is rushed and harried enough.

Today and probably tomorrow, I will be going back and looking at what all the other players were doing.  I tried to keep up and read as I was going along and I just wasn’t able to.  I want to leave a little comment love.  I want to congratulate them.  I know that some of chatted, commiserated with each other over the lack of sleep the lack of topics and the lack of time to feed our kids. What? That was just me? Ohhh, please my kid got ice cream yesterday…well, technically Fro Yo! Not to mention, he was excited. He was excited for this and for me.

Did I do my best? Yes and no.  I know, rite.  Yes, I did my best but rather than stick with my habits, my way to gather flow in my words, my way to wrap my head around whatever is rattling in there, I sat in front of the computer.  Granted, I took walks, I even went and got a chocolate truffle and I cleaned. Maybe tho, it was better that I didn’t fall back on what I know, maybe it was better that I took a different route.  Perhaps, this gave me an insight that I didn’t have before.  Either way, whether the path to reach the end game was different or unknown, the result is that I finished.  The no part, I am not sure that since I was channeling the unfamiliar that it was my best.  Do I like all 24 posts? Nope, actually, I feel “Meh” about a couple.  This blog, is for me and is mine, so I am uncomfortable having something meh on here, it just doesn’t seem ok. On the other hand, they are a part of me, part of what I was working towards. So they, stay and I won’t go back.

End game? I won’t do it again, I enjoyed the experience, mostly and for me to find value in this, this piece of my life, “Meh” is not ok.  Ohh, and every so often, take a different path, it might not be comfortable but when you reach the high point, the feelings are AMAZING!!